Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ticket Confirm!!!

Hey hey...
I just booked the tickets for the 6 pretty and handsome girls and boys, which are
Daryl, Chun Ming, Qi Hao, Tiffany, Sin Ying and San San.

Please check your email for all the things i want to tell you and let me know if you have any issue.

Just to inform you guys, Zheng Hao and 1e not confirm but they will let me know asap.

Two more months to go, save your money for the trip, i think RM200 will do=)


Extra details needed

Guys, as aboce title, i need yours extra details as below. Please resend to me. Thank you very much=)

First Name *(as in Passport)

Last Name/Surname *(as in Passport)

Date of Birth *

Identification/ Passport number

Issuing Country

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Details needed

AK 5322 Kuala Lumpur LCCT(KUL) to Langkawi(LGK)
Tue 22 Jun 2010
Depart 1020 Arrive 1120
79.00 MYR1 Guest @ 79.00
6.00 MYR Airport Tax

AK 5331 Langkawi(LGK) to Kuala Lumpur LCCT(KUL)
Thu 24 Jun 2010
Depart 2015 Arrive 2115
79.00 MYR1 Guest @ 79.00
9.00 MYR Airport Tax

173.00 MYRTotal

For those who had confirmed, kindly email ( me your details as below:
First name:
Last name/Surname:
State & ZipCode:
Home number:
Email address:
Check in baggage: Yes/No (only one baggage is allow to bring on board which is not more than 7kg, however, if more than that, you may check in your baggage, pre book in advance so that it's cheaper)

I think there will be no issue on the departing time on 22th Jun, let me know if that's really a big issue for you. Check in time 45minutes before departure, i think there will be sufficient time for you guys to take the skybus from Kl Central to LCCT, as myself, i will depart from my house in Sepang and meet you guys there.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

The DATE is OUT!!!

Guys, after a few discussion...
We have two choices:
-22th-24th June (Weekdays)
Fare: RM173
-25th-27th June (Weekends)
Fare: RM265

That's the difference, price of the fare. I need confirmation from you guys asap. Going or not going just let me know, just a short word in the blog.

Zheng Hao, Daryl, Sin Ying, Tiff and myself are ok with 22th-24th.

I do not know why some of the Mulians can just ignore answering 'Yes/No'. Come one, one group!!! Going or not just let me know. If you don't leave any comment here, i ASSUME you don't want to join and i will only help those who already confirm to buy the tickets on next Saturday. Late comers, you can still go of course, but the price of the fare for sure will increase.

Your reply mean alot to US. Please reply...

*Departure time of the flight affect the price of the fare