Monday, November 15, 2010

You are invited!!!

Yo, Mulians!!!
As you guys know, ma birthday is coming soon and i'm going to throw a party at somewhere, details as below:

Venue: Legend Hotel, KL
Date: 07-12-10
Time 7pm
Theme: Funky
Dress code: Dress up as funky as you can ( as i know most of you won't apply this )

I will be there from 6th Dec to 8th Dec. Please, some of you come and stay with me on the 6th if not i will be alone in the room=(
Stay overnight with me, only special guests like you all are invited to stay=P

You may leave your reply by posting your comment.

Terima Kasih for supporting.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Badminton Tournament

Title: Badminton Tournament 2010
Venue: Behind Jh's House
Time 1430-1630

Participants: Jiunn Herng, Zeng Chey, Khan Jack, Gun, Beh Beh, Priscillia and Tiffany.

Playing method: Double Play

Team Partner: Too many combination

Story line:

Zeng Chey is the refree of the match while his name Team A: Gun and Pris as PGUN, Team B: Wong Junn Herng and Beh Beh as WONGBEH.
As he comes out with the new rule, the yellow card and the red card.

At the second last round of playing, PGUN is competing again with WONGBEH team and that smart Jiunn Herng comes out with the stupid bet which is if he lost the match, he will walk back home, by that time is around 3.45pm and the match ends at 4.10pm.
Of course, PGUN team is so marvelous, we won the match and the Wong walked back home peacefully. Even though we want to drag the time until 4.30pm so that it rains and let him to walk under the rain, but the mission fail. He straight away cabut after the match. Don't have athlete spirit at all.

End of story... The match is fun though=)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Another AEROPLANE trip

Yo peeps! Wassup!!!
Here i come again to suggest another trip for Mulians. This time is not last minute planning, is a pre-planning=P (at least a month before the trip)

As most of you know, i got 6 free tickets for this year and i had nominated some of the Mulians for the free ticket. Sorry, if you are not in the list because it is a very limited space where i can only nominate 10 people.

For those who are in the list, if you are interested, i am planning for a trip in this coming December, from 4th Dec to 6th Dec to Bangkok. Everyone is saying the Thailand is flooding right now. Only Hat Yai city and Bangkok is safe=)

Please update me if you are interested. Those who are not in the list, if you want to join, you are most welcome=)

Daryl will be the person in charge, right Daryl? Thanks for your help...

p/s: for those who confirm can go for a vacation next year, please let me know. as i will remove some of those in the list and add you in=)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

It's Saturday!!!

Yo Peeps!!!
Let's plan something cool for Saturday.

I plan to go Sunway Pyramid around 1pm, play bowling, watch movie-UNSTOPPABLE.
Of course, follow by dinner and yc.
Will be out for whole day until 11pm=)

Leave a comment here if you are interested!!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

URGENT. Caution every one of your contacts - DON'T delay please

在KL过去的5天,3个女人不约而同的到医院诊疗。全部都出现同样的病症:发烧,发冷,呕吐,然后肌肉萎缩,瘫痪, 到最后死去,他们没有特别的创伤。

研究报考显示,他们的血液里有毒性。这3个女人各不相识,也没有共同点. 过后才发现,他们都有到过Jalan Kuchai Lama的一家餐厅用餐。 那家餐厅现在已被卫生局全面封锁了。食物,食水,冷气,统统都检验过,没有任何的发现.




只不过,他有像那3个女人的症状,他的右屁股有被东西刺伤的痕迹。 调查显示,这飞机是从原本的印度起飞。 CAB命令全印度航空搜索全部飞机的厕所,才发现到有其中4架来至不同飞机的厕所里头有着这蜘蛛的巢。 现在相信,这蜘蛛已经蔓延到世界各地。

所以,要上公共厕所的人士要小心,打开坐厕的盖,检查有没有这类型的蜘蛛。 请分享这文章,即可以救救别人,也可以救救自己的安全。

In KL Over the past 5 days, three women spontaneously to the hospital clinics. All face the same symptoms: fever, chills, vomiting, and muscle atrophy, paralysis and finally death They do not particularly traumatic. Of candidates shows their blood toxic. The three women did not know all there is no common ground Only to find after they have been to Jalan Kuchai Lama's a restaurant. The restaurant has now been fully blocked the Health Department. Food, water, air, all are tested, without any findings. Until one day, the restaurant waitress also get the same symptoms. He told the doctor, before her leave, came back to take the check, she did not where to eat and drink, but useful in the bathroom. Later, they offer water closet in the bathroom, find a small species of spider. The spider has the body with double lines. This spider has a very toxic drug, to a few days before toxic symptoms. This spider likes to hide in the cold, dark, damp, just under the toilet seat plate is their place to rest. After a few days, a JB's lawyers met with the same symptoms. In dying, he told the doctor: he was off doing business in Indonesia, transit in Singapore. In the absence of return to their home, he never visited the restaurant, but he has a woman as the symptoms of those 3, he's stabbed in the right buttocks have been signs of something. Survey shows that the aircraft took off from the original Indian. CAB command all Air India Search all aircraft toilet, it was found to have come to a different one of four toilets inside the aircraft with the spider nest. Now believe that this spider has spread around the world. Therefore, to the people to be careful of public toilets, open the toilet seat covers, check if any of this type of spider. Please share this article, which can save someone else, you can also save their own safety.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Our Friend

Everyone knows what's happen to him.
First of all, before the match, he keeps saying something so 'sui'. We didn't know his mouth is so 'laku' until this really happen.

When we saw him lying on the floor, we thought it was just a minor injuries, but when we lifted up his sleeve, we were shocked to see the structure of the hand was so DISTORTED!!! we know he got joint dislocation. What a waste~~~~~~~~~

Anyhow, he is a good fighter, even he stopped training for so long, the OHM still with him, unlike me la... First time i want to say, i am so proud of him.

Those pictures, cm will upload soon once he is free.
For those who were there on the 17/10/10, i really got billions words to say to all of you from my heart but it just couldn't express by words.

I love all of you, Mulians!!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

M-group on Facebook

Yo, Mulians!!!
I just created a new Mgroup on facebook, since all of us are so active on facebook, i think it is a good idea that this group is created so that next time if you guys got any outings, such as yc, movie, trip etc. All of you can write on the wall.

Here's the link!/group.php?gid=155144761192150

Please make the group aliveeeeeeeeeee~~~~~~~~