Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Selamat Hari Merdeka

For those who are in overseas, see...now i GIVE some updates to all of you, as requested by someone in the previous blog.

Everyone knows what day is this, when it happens and so on.
Of course, we, Mulians didn't celebrate for this day but we went out for our OWN outing instead=P

We didn't take much pictures, all are very random. Now, let me tell you the plan...

1st: Me, Zh, Jack, Cm, Tiff
5 of us, yes, only 5 of us!!! Went for movie-Adventure of the King at the old same place la...

2nd: The same 5 of us + Daryl and JH
7 of us went to Wings at Metroprima for yc session, as usual la... But this time we change place. We left there around 2am.

Lesser and lesser Mulians are joining the outing. Guys, mana spirit Mulians? At least join for the yc session for a while also can. We miss seeing your face there=)


*Pictures fail to upload...Duh.... Check out FB

Monday, August 23, 2010

A very Happy 21st Bday to "GAN"

First of all, I wish gan a very very happy birthday, its been the fifth year that i know this "Guai Lan Gan', I still remember during Form 5, my seat is just behind of this Guai Lan Gan seat, and what he always did was turn around and share with me his "GAN bed time story" and his secret "WEBSITE".

Anyway Gan, enjoy ur birthday =)

PS: someone please consider those Mulians that study oversea, please update mblog more often. Terima Kasih

Wednesday, August 18, 2010




Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Effects of "Monopoly Deal" Card Game

One night, we "Pass Go" and went Chandran for drink. It was time for us to leave. So, I asked for the bill, "Abang, kira!" And one of the workers walked over. He looked at our table, turned to ZH and said, "Apa makan?" ZH said, "Teh o ais limau, roti kosong dan maggie goreng." The worker counted show us the "Rent" card and said, "Lima million!" Then, ZH confidently told him, "Just say no!" because he didn't want to pay the money. But who knew, the worker told him, "Just say no!" s well! ZH felt very frustrated and he unwillingly gave him the money.

When we stood up and left, ZH said, "Deal Breaker, I want the whole set of "Chandran"!" The owner of the shop, not having the ability to Just Say No, he willingly gave the shop to him and ZH now is the proud owner of Chandran. :)